Finally, an American parent who really disciplines their child. I hate how impolite and disrespectful kids are to their parents these days. I see kids curse their parents to their face. In my family, if I curse myself, I’m a dead man. Very satisfying video. The best part about this, it went viral and nothing negative came out of it (media wise).


What if you put all the faces of one ethnicity into one image? You would get the average looking Filipino or because apparently they are so much, the average South Indian. I remember seeing some article about this I just don’t remember exactly. (Found it) Who do you think is the better looking?


Update: I found more lol. I found the average Saudi male hahaha.

I disagree :p.

I remember getting lost in West Edmonton Mall and Mall of America is not that much smaller. Its the largest mall in the US (2nd in North America) so you know this makes sense. I really want to try it out someday with GPS directions.

Seems legit.

Always good to know that musicians have a sense of humor and humility. Probably the only reason why I still like deadmau5

Perfect timing with the job search and networking.

Come on, we all knew this was gonna happen. What surprised me was how good this was. Usually its all negative and all out attacking. This one was tastefully made and very informative. It’s funny this was uploaded 16 hours ago, so really hot off the presses! The giant Jesus was out of line I thought.