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Oh yeah, this is gonna happen during a scholastic exam soon *wink wink* (not really). Still insanely smart and creative on an asian level!


Amongst other war crimes, yet you see him everywhere (in a positive manner). If only some people read before they get into political conversations. Sorry for the rant, I just get into these hair splitting conversations every now and then and I finally found some meme to go with it. Enjoy.

You get the fluff, without the size. Perfect color mix and cuteness. I don’t even know if its legit, I once saw a Beagle and an Alaskan Malamute mix. Unfortunately, they all died so not sure how this one works lol.

Finally, an American parent who really disciplines their child. I hate how impolite and disrespectful kids are to their parents these days. I see kids curse their parents to their face. In my family, if I curse myself, I’m a dead man. Very satisfying video. The best part about this, it went viral and nothing negative came out of it (media wise).

What if you put all the faces of one ethnicity into one image? You would get the average looking Filipino or because apparently they are so much, the average South Indian. I remember seeing some article about this I just don’t remember exactly. (Found it) Who do you think is the better looking?


Update: I found more lol. I found the average Saudi male hahaha.

I disagree :p.

Seems legit.

Well you never know, these just might have some truth to them. The Wikipedia one for example kind of makes sense and is feasible. Mercedes-Benz though not so much.