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Amongst other war crimes, yet you see him everywhere (in a positive manner). If only some people read before they get into political conversations. Sorry for the rant, I just get into these hair splitting conversations every now and then and I finally found some meme to go with it. Enjoy.


Although I try not to get political, I do like to set the record straight. I’ve been hearing of Ron Paul ever since the last election and a few of my American friends wanted him to be the GOP candidate. His policies and performance in debates are extraordinary and always makes me wonder why he never was successful. No one really talks about him for some reason and I just wanted to make everyone aware that this guy is legit unlike the other candidates (Hint hint Bachman and Romney).This pic summarizes the differences between Obama and Paul. Although its a bit simple and not completely out of context, it still represents the core beliefs of both. Obama is in for some competition!



I’m sure everyone knows, but Kuwaiti ISP Hamours have just implemented a Fair Use Policy on their internet connection. Much has been said by MPs like AlSaudon, outrage of customers, and public outrage of this issue. Then comes a group with a voice that speaks for many who can’t get their voices heard and/or ignored. I am proud to tell you that this group is Q8 Cap. I love the movement and momentum that they are getting from the twitter stir. Their goals are clear and fair:

We aim to set things right and preserve the consumer rights, which have been blatantly violated.

We demand the following:

  1. The illegal cap be removed.
  2. A clause in contracts says “The contract an be amended at any time without prior notice.” This violates any customer’s rights and we demand its permanent removal.
  3. The ISPs be fined for their illegal price fixing.
  4. The ISPs be fined for hiking the prices 70%+.
  5. The ISPs extend the subscription period of all its affected customers, with a period equal to that from the beginning of the cap (June 1st, 2011) till the day it’s removed, to compensate them for the lost value that they have paid for.

Remember fair and right does not mean they can get what they want, remember you are in Kuwait. They have a lawyer and journalist/writer so you know they are legit and waiting to pounce. Please support them on twitter and visit their website often! I like where this is going.

PS: They post in Arabic and English so don’t be shy :p

Oh yeah, he got my vote! I don’t even vote lol.

I still remember when everyone in my high school got a text saying, “They caught Saddam!”. God were we happy. No fireworks or celebrating, just happiness and relief. Fast forward 8 years and you get flooding phone freezing broadcasts that Osama Bin Laden is DEAD. No body yet but Obama did confirm it which by far I think was the most epic speech ever. He didn’t even start with “My fellow Americans”. He just dived in and said I am here to confirm to you that Osama Bin Laden is dead! Obviously the best part of the speech is “I’ve made clear, just as President Bush did shortly after 9/11, that our war is not against Islam. Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader; he was a mass murderer of Muslims.”. That right there made Obama a G and an epic president. My favorite president was Clinton, but sorry Obama just crushed the competition. I shall not comment on how Americans reacted to the news but lets just say I am not fond of it.

The difference between Obama and Bush is that in the annual correspondence dinner its Obama poking fun at people rather than being made fun of like Bush. Obviously Obama hired some comedic writers but still its all in the delivery. If you saw the roast of Donald Trump, you would know that delivery is the most vital point (The Situation). Enjoy as Obama discredits Trump’s presidential campaign. Epic president.

Finally Obama releases his birth certificate. I really feel sorry for the guy. I mean seriously, ever since he became president people think he is a Muslim from Kenya trying to implement Sharia law into America. I’m guessing Trump was the last straw. The funny part is that Trump’s presidential campaign will be a fluke and there would have been no reason to share this information. Disputing your leaders patriotism and love to his country is a sign of weakness. There is a reason why he was elected and not on those beliefs. They don’t want to be racist by calling him black but I’m guessing terrorist is fine. I pray for Obama, god knows what he’s going through.