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Oh yeah, this is gonna happen during a scholastic exam soon *wink wink* (not really). Still insanely smart and creative on an asian level!


What if you put all the faces of one ethnicity into one image? You would get the average looking Filipino or because apparently they are so much, the average South Indian. I remember seeing some article about this I just don’t remember exactly. (Found it) Who do you think is the better looking?


Update: I found more lol. I found the average Saudi male hahaha.

I disagree :p.

Well you never know, these just might have some truth to them. The Wikipedia one for example kind of makes sense and is feasible. Mercedes-Benz though not so much.

I’m not sure what they’re trying to promote, but those are seriously epic shirts. Bummer no one can wear it except them :(.

Especially when I’m in Kuwait.

I’m not gonna bs and say I listen to Jimmy Hendrix, I know who he is, what he was, but I never actually gave his songs a listen for some reason. Regardless, every word of this is true and thats why I stopped listening to hip-hop. The only exception I listen to is Lupe Fiasco because well, he’s the real deal.