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You might notice this year I haven’t posted anything about Kuwaiti Independence Day(s) this year. In my 5th year studying in the US, I realized that national events like Hala February or even religious like Eid don’t hold much meaning as they used to. Sure the accessiblity of these events are much better than they were when I first came but its the environment that kills it. (Al-Watan stream the Hala February concert now). Then I realized that the same goes to Kuwait. Every year I hear that there are less people staying in Kuwait during events like these every year. No one celebrates Independence Day in Kuwait anymore, people consider it just like any other holiday; a chance to travel. In the US, Feb 25th and 26th are just like every other day, normal. Sooner or later, I can imagine how Kuwait will be during those days as well. Just my 2 fils (lame I know) which deserves an ultimate meh to the future.


Plans? What Plans?!

Although I realize not all the impressions are funny, hell some of them are sadly lame, but the Indian driver and the Kuwaiti woman are SPOT ON! I couldn’t stop laughing at the Kuwaiti woman because I have had exact experiences with woman driving like that lol.

This Ramadhan was very interesting and tiring as well. It was a bittersweet ending and looking forward to the next one. I made new friends and strengthened my relationship with some. I wish all Muslims a great and blessed eid. Hopefully next time it will be with family back home! I will celebrate eid in class 🙂

With all the crappy commercials, this actually was funny and had a point!

Ramadan Kareem to you all! This is my 5th ramadan in the US and every time I fast over here, I miss home even more. Ramadan is all about family gatherings and feeding the soul with praying. Hopefully this would be the last ramadan in the US as the coming ones should be mostly in the summer!

I finally moved in to my new apartment just need a few days to unpack then travel the east coast. I understand posts will be slow but I will post all my experiences and pictures as usual. Enjoy!

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