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Oh yeah, this is gonna happen during a scholastic exam soon *wink wink* (not really). Still insanely smart and creative on an asian level!


Yes people, they actually did it. Let me just say its not what you think you’ll see lol.

I remember getting lost in West Edmonton Mall and Mall of America is not that much smaller. Its the largest mall in the US (2nd in North America) so you know this makes sense. I really want to try it out someday with GPS directions.

Perfect timing with the job search and networking.

Come on, we all knew this was gonna happen. What surprised me was how good this was. Usually its all negative and all out attacking. This one was tastefully made and very informative. It’s funny this was uploaded 16 hours ago, so really hot off the presses! The giant Jesus was out of line I thought.

I was reluctant on posting this video mainly because some might take it offensively. Who am I kidding, this video is amazing! The way the poem flows with rhythm and meaning just  makes it that much special. Now I don’t necessarily agree with everything he said, but you got to give him credit for his effort. I would rather have this go viral then Justin Bieber or Lil Wayne.

Well you never know, these just might have some truth to them. The Wikipedia one for example kind of makes sense and is feasible. Mercedes-Benz though not so much.