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I always have the fear of this happening lol.



If they decided to make a movie about Iran, guess who they’re gonna pick. I would pay good money to see that happen lol.

After interviewing for a couple of jobs, I came to a realization that this what is happening to me.

I think we can all agree on that.


In my Social Work class (elective), our professor showed us an example of a Schizophrenic at his worst. Although frightening at first, it actually started getting funny half way through. His ending was epic and in my opinion is a must watch. If you actually follow what he says, its a pretty interesting multi-plot story lol.

Something I never even thought of, poor kids!

Although I realize not all the impressions are funny, hell some of them are sadly lame, but the Indian driver and the Kuwaiti woman are SPOT ON! I couldn’t stop laughing at the Kuwaiti woman because I have had exact experiences with woman driving like that lol.