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You get the fluff, without the size. Perfect color mix and cuteness. I don’t even know if its legit, I once saw a Beagle and an Alaskan Malamute mix. Unfortunately, they all died so not sure how this one works lol.


I saw the Party Rockers video and thought that was hard, this guy owned christmas!

What happens when you slow down the camera shutter speed to 24 hours (and in a prime location)

I would love to know what kind of exposure settings the photo was taken under. All I know is, this is a time-sensitive hard shot.

Amazing cherry trees. This was taken in Heerstraße (Street Name), Bonn, Germany. I will go there some day and take photos or just smell the damn trees!

All is left is for this to be deep fried. Oh my gawd. I will consult with my chef friends on how to make this. This will happen!


How fast is fast enough to win a marathon? Apparently 26.2 mile pace is the answer. Personally I still think the video was a little sped up, you’ll know what I mean in the twist of the video. Regardless, cool stuff!