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When you see this for the first time half-asleep on the couch, you really think they are saying what you think they are saying. Still, very creative lol. One of the better commercials I have seen in a while.


With all the crappy commercials, this actually was funny and had a point!

This is by far the cheesiest, stupidest, and most ANNOYING commercial in the world. Every time I see this during a basketball game I want to kill myself instantly. I am also sick of the GEICO commercial. NO I did not save 15% when I called you guys, instead you charged me double. Please shut up!

Every time I sleep watching TV, I wake up to this stupid commercial. Talk about making something out of nothing! Why in the hell is this “FUSHIGI!” thing popular. Some of the acting is horrendous and I want 2 minutes of my life back! They say TV in the US is better, but at least you don’t get these commercial in the Middle East.

Watch arriving passengers be given a welcome home to remember at Heathrow Terminal 5. No instruments were used in this ad, only beatboxers and “singers”. I wish I was there, it might have been epic to see. I love how commercials these days are just getting so much better and way creative like this one. Very talented people, a must see!

Cool commercial but sadly it won’t make me buy the game. Halo Reach did it better.

By far my favorite commercial ever. November 8th seems so far yet so close!