Not many of you have been counting the days, but its been almost 3 months since I last posted. Ever since the summer I have been going through intense writer’s block and I didn’t want to just spout crap and get away with it. This blog started losing its personal touch and it was just me throwing stuff I can find online. Also with the way things were going this semester, I doubt I would have posted anything even if I wanted to. I would take every extra hour to sleep or do something with minimal activity involved. I’m behind on all my shows, I barely just started downloading new music, I’m getting there. What started off as writer’s block turned into a short hiatus. In this time I evaluated what I could do with this blog to take it to the next level. Sadly that thought is still in process (you saw what I did there :P). Hopefully I will find a lot of free time to work on some projects I had in mind during this much needed winter break. I can’t guarantee I will post everyday but you damn well sure know I try my best to do so. I thank all of my friends and followers who encouraged me to start again. For now, I leave you with my daily routine after school.