I’m sure everyone knows, but Kuwaiti ISP Hamours have just implemented a Fair Use Policy on their internet connection. Much has been said by MPs like AlSaudon, outrage of customers, and public outrage of this issue. Then comes a group with a voice that speaks for many who can’t get their voices heard and/or ignored. I am proud to tell you that this group is Q8 Cap. I love the movement and momentum that they are getting from the twitter stir. Their goals are clear and fair:

We aim to set things right and preserve the consumer rights, which have been blatantly violated.

We demand the following:

  1. The illegal cap be removed.
  2. A clause in contracts says “The contract an be amended at any time without prior notice.” This violates any customer’s rights and we demand its permanent removal.
  3. The ISPs be fined for their illegal price fixing.
  4. The ISPs be fined for hiking the prices 70%+.
  5. The ISPs extend the subscription period of all its affected customers, with a period equal to that from the beginning of the cap (June 1st, 2011) till the day it’s removed, to compensate them for the lost value that they have paid for.

Remember fair and right does not mean they can get what they want, remember you are in Kuwait. They have a lawyer and journalist/writer so you know they are legit and waiting to pounce. Please support them on twitter and visit their website often! I like where this is going.

PS: They post in Arabic and English so don’t be shy :p