Much to my delight and Metal Gear Solid fans, an HD collection of all the MGS’s prior to MGS4 will be released in November 2011. You may ask why I put too little too late in the title. This because all this comes 3 years after they release the LATEST MGS. God of War 1 and 2 HD was released prior to 3 so as to garner up more sales and for the fans who wanted them in HD. I won’t deny that I will buy this still but COME ON! For those who read this blog for a while know how I have been putting off MGS4 for 3 years now. The ironic thing is I am currently playing it NOW and I am really really angry that I decided to skip MGS3 and now this! I didn’t want to play MGS4 was because I didn’t play MGS3! I will forgive Konami if they make a decent Pro Evolution Soccer for 2012, otherwise screw them.