I just came back from my mini-vacation in California and I got to say, it was much needed! Driving over there is so much better than taking a plane, you actually feel like traveling. I need to point out that driving from Phoenix, AZ to San Diego or Los Angeles takes 5 hours and a half give or take, so its not that bad. On a more positive note, I have the whole summer off! Aside from a few online classes which should be a breeze, I am free to do whatever I want. Gosh it has been more than 6 years since I had a whole summer off. I am so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do, but this is what I have so far.


1 ) Start a photography project

2 ) Get in shape full time (instead of 3 times a week)

3 ) Watch a ton of movies and shows (will be in another post)

4 ) Blog more 😀

5 ) Start creating new dishes

6 ) Attempt to travel

7 ) Read a few books (also another post)

8 ) Find a new hobby! (maybe learn to play the guitar?)