Oh yeah we did it!

We didn’t overdo it so basically this is what we did:


  • Turkey Bacon (Cause we always do it halal lol)
  • Rice Paper
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Jack in the Box
  • Ultimate Cheese Burger from Jack in the Box
  • Curly Fries from Jack in the Box
  • Chicken Fries and Fries from Burger King


  • Align bacon on a baking tray
  • You can bake it but we broiled it for 5-8 on each side
  • Align bacon on foil
  • Place rice paper on top (after soaking it in warm water)
  • Cut sandwiches into 3rds or 4ths and align on bacon along with fries
  • Roll the bacon roll with a wooden sushi mat or with cling wrap (then remove wrap) and cover with foil
  • Place the roll in the oven to heat up and to keep shape
  • Remove the roll and cut it
  • Eat and may the epic meal time force be with you!

This was our first attempt, the next time it will look so much better!