I forgot that Shakeshack was in NYC (they just opened in Miami) and so as we were walking to Penn Station (hungry) we just stopped to take a photo and saw the flashing lights of Shake Shack right above us. So much hype and praise was said about this burger and everything else so I had to try it. I ordered a Shakestack (one patty), fries, and lemonade. After a wait, I finally got the burger and by far the best looking burger I ever got.  I took one bite and tasted quality meat. Nothing fancy or anything just quality meat which is very hard to find these days. I described the taste as a McDonald’s cheeseburger but with 10x the quality. Quality you can taste. I almost wanted to stand up and clap for the damn burger because it deserved it. Still with all that being said, In-N-Out burger are on par with Shake Shack in my opinion so its not THAT big of a difference. I can’t say I will miss Shake Shack but I really don’t know where they hype came from. Still I enjoyed the burger and recommend it to others, just not a try before you die.