Review: I have been looking forward to this place for 2 years now. The Old Homestead Steakhouse is one of the oldest restaurants in New York City. It is now famous for their exquisite quality of meats and the one and only 20 OZ Kobe Burger. Lemme just say, I think everything but the meat is just utter crap.

I tried their “famous” garlic bread … the bread was ok but the sauce ruined it, too much cheese. I did dig the jenga formation of the bread lol.

So again with my trusty companion, we both ordered the 20 oz Kobe Burger and the Gotham 32 oz Rib Steak. I really wanted to die after each bite because I don’t think anything in the world can top the satisfaction that came from the meat. The steak was juicy, tender, and insanely flavorful. The Kobe Burger was just an epic of epicness and beyond! Please if you do go there don’t order it above medium because if you do that, you might as well eat at Chilli’s.

The thing I liked about the steakhouse is apparently everything is done in house. Their sauces and even their sparkling water (which I doubt) are done in house. They offered 2 sauces: Spicy Ketchup (amazing) and Steak Sauce (beyond bland and a big no no). The burger and steak did not require anything put on them because they were just that good. If you are a carnivore who really cares about his beef, this place just might be heaven for you.

Entrees: [rating: 5/5]

Everything else: [rating: 2.5/5]