I never planned to come here when I was planning the trip. With JetBlue I was watching Food Channel cause I just couldn’t sleep on the plane. Coincidentally they had a doughnut and pie special and most of the places were in New York. This is the only one that caught my eye. Why you ask? 2 things: A trademarked square jelly doughnut (which wasn’t available at the time) and a creme brulee doughnut. The idea of the square doughnut is the fact that you can get jelly in every bite. I really wanted to try it but I’m guessing they sell fast. That didn’t stop me from tasting anything else.

This is the Creme Brulee doughnut. There is no way to explain this goodness except that it tastes like creme brulee!

The only other one they had was the Pistachio Doughnut. It tastes like pistachio but more or less its hit or miss. Still a wonderful doughnut!