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About: Rice to Riches is basically rice pudding but more on the desert side. Who knew you can do so much with rice pudding! This much like Doughnut Plant, I never heard of but this one specifically I just passed by it leaving a restaurant. I have never tasted anything like it. The pics don’t justify how majestic it tasted and how satisfying it was as a dessert. I took the chocolate chip with mischief topping (Crumbled Graham Crackers). Apparently they are only in New York and I hope this becomes the new fad like Stinkberry and Froyo. This isn’t supposed to be healthy and you can feel that when you look at the pics. The annoying yet enjoyable part of the store is that it is based on a pun. Instead of rags to riches its rice to riches. The rest of the puns you’ll see in the pics. This experience was something new and for once looks were everything. A must try!

PS: It always shows you popular it was in the last picture although it doesn’t show but despite Pinkberry and Rice To Riches being next to each other, Pinkberry was practically empty.