Just when I thought the big apple was something, I took a train and went to Philly. I didn’t have much time over there to do anything spectacular but I did enough. Philly was gorgeous from the moment I stepped out of the train. The train station was architectural perfection and beauty. I have never seen anything like it in my life. Afterwards a friend took me out sightseeing and it was a step down from New York but it had the same amount of history behind every building. To remind you, the declaration of independence and the constitution were signed over there so you would think that history began there.

Now to the obvious part, CHEESESTEAKS! My friend took me to 2 competing cheesesteak places across the street from each other which apparently has a story attached to it. These guys are called Pat and Geno (so Italian) and apparently they are brothers who got into a fight and split. Now they compete against each other in cheesesteaks. My friend told me that its so competitive that you have to choose between the two eventually. I am a Pat’s fan to be honest because Geno’s cheesesteak was too bland and dare me say clean. The Pat’s cheesesteak was messy and dripping with grease while Geno’s was clean. Pat and Geno are so authentic, there is only one way to order. You have to order like a local which basically means you say something like this: I’d like a whiz wid, which means a cheesesteak with cheeze whiz and onions. At least they kind of tell you what to do and if you screw up don’t worry just to the back of the line. Geno’s is more “American” and as you will see if you go, he has badges and photos of troops everywhere and the thing that surprised me but not really was the sticker he had on all the windows: This is America, When ordering speak english. So I guess Saudi’s wont make it. Just a side note, next time I come my friend will actually take me to the BEST cheesesteak in Philly so those were just a warm up.

I apologize for not taking pictures but I was too tired then so the only photo I took was the Rocky statue.