To those who use Google Chrome, I present to you two of my favorite extensions:


Ad Block:

It basically blocks all the annoying ads that cramp up a webpage. For once, is actually readable. The extension also assists you in manually blocking ads that the program doesn’t block automatically. Case and point, Betting Bar in the bottom. I know its not an ad but its been bugging me for a while. Now with Ad Block, I manually removed it- very easy steps. .

It also blocks ads in YouTube videos which is just icing on the cake. You can download it here


This is a pic of before using Ad Block


And this pic is after using Ad Block. See the difference?




Xmarks Bookmarks


Its really a bookmark synchronizer, but I use it for something else. I currently use 3 devices to surf the web, my MacBook, Desktop, and iPad. Sometimes I start reading something in one device, and want to continue reading it in another (or even read it later). This extension can sync your open tabs in the browser, and you can access them later from anywhere. Whats nice is that it wont clutter your original bookmarks in you browser, and you can access them whenever you like. You can download it here.


There are many more extensions that I use but these two I really like and they function very well. Hope they can be useful to you folks 🙂