I finally got this monster and so far AMAZING. I actually bought the G73JW-3DE instead of the G73JW-ROG edition. The reason why I did that was because when you customize the 3DE to the point where it is identical to the ROG, you get a better deal plus a 1080p 120 ghz 3D screen. The only thing the ROG edition has extra is the fact that instead of it being customized, stuff like 16 gb of ram is standard and its a “limited edition”. I didn’t want to feel exclusive cause I never saw the point to those kind of things. Its not like I’m selling it later for millions. The laptop came with nVida 3D glasses and a cool Terga Republic of Gaming bag which I am actually using. I have been using for a couple of days (in school too) and this is what I have come up with so far.


  • Insanely fast
  • Very silent (To put it into perspective, my MacBook Pro is louder)
  • Amazing cooling
  • Very comfortable full keyboard
  • Screen is not as big as I thought.
  • Speakers are pretty loud for a laptop (Which I missed in the MacBook Pro)
  • Surprisingly light for a 17″ desktop replacement laptop (not much of a difference from my MacBook Pro also size/weight ratio the G73 is much lighter!)
  • Charger on right side (my preference)


  • Obviously battery life (taking into account the specs, its actually good but I’m comparing to most laptops)
  • Slow resume time (not so much but I’m used to the MacBook Pro)
  • HUGE charger (heavier than laptop btw)
  • Touch pad is more or less multi touch but badly programmed (fixed the issue)
  • Not the best night laptop (I can put it on my lap comfortably but when I’m lying down and watching something I like to leave it on my chest)
  • Bloatware that came with the laptop (some were a pain to uninstall)

[autoviewer id=”51″ width=”835″ height=”505″ ]

You’ll notice I was watching the Arsenal Vs Barca game, it was a good day 🙂

Remarks: I added these customizations (addition to these):

  • Blueray player + burner
  • 1TB second harddrive
  • Intel Wi-Max wireless (extra antenna)
  • Blue LED’s under WASD keys (cause I’m hardcore like that :P)
  • Matt screen (hate glossy)


This laptop is a mother, so far the most epic laptop I ever had. I would recommend this laptop for a regular guy or gamer who likes to actually use it as a laptop. I don’t think I can travel with it; I mean I can carry it but not use it on a plane for example. I saw a few 1080p and 720p movies on it and you should guess how it was. Also I played Crysis on it and it got 30 fps on high settings (woah?!). I can’t say the laptop replaced my desktop (although it is technically better), but it would be a worthy substitute when the desktop fails or is out of reach.

[rating: 4.5/5]