About: You are invited to samba down in a South American style and dine in Cuts – the first and only churrascaria restaurant in Kuwait. Join us for the finest spit-roasted churrasco meat selections carved at your table an all you can eat extravaganza concept. It means satisfaction guaranteed, alongside a trendy salad buffet and live band entertainment. Churrasco is much more than a way of cooking. It is a way of life. Vist us and revel the true latino experience at only KD 12.900 per person.

Review: Oh god this place sucks. I wanted some sort of replacement to Fogo De Chao in the states but from what I have learned over the years, if its good in the US, it doesn’t get better crossing overseas. This place was so bad I don’t even want to remember the details. The meat was very dry and oily and don’t get me started on the service. Nothing was good, I didn’t even touch the “salad bar”. I think it is the smallest restaurant in Kuwait, hell even the ambiance sucked. Please don’t go.

[rating: 0/5]

I took some pictures but there is no point the food was terrible.