Seeing how much free time I get in the day during my stay in Kuwait, I compiled a list of movies + shows to watch over the break.



I already saw Season 1 and hoping to continue with the rest to catch up.

The Walking Dead

I hear so much about this show (Even more than Hawaii Five-0) and can’t wait to watch it.

Naruto Shippuden

I used to watch the original Naruto but got bored after watching 2 episodes of Shippuden. I then was told that it became pretty good and have a list of filler episodes which I will skip, looking forward to that.

The Mentalist

I like Psych so apparently this is a more professional Psych, also highly recommended.

Mad Men

I didn’t really finish Season 1 but I didn’t have time but I liked it so far.



The cast is enough.

My Name is Khan

Apparently a must see and I know its old but I never watched it :S.

Easy A

Sounds like a good story.