I have always hated this airport but of all times I have been there (3) this was the worst! It took my friend and I around 45 minutes to actually go from leaving the plane to finally sitting. The airport was built to be complicated! Signs are in the wrong place and misleading, no one speaks English yet I know they do, and everything is under construction. When we finally went to our terminal (waiting for a train to be fixed), it was closed? Wtf I say! After talking to the only English speaking German, they all of a sudden opened it. Then an employee confused us and made us wait in line because he said “ALL Lufthansa flights are cancelled” (not related to us). We said screw the line and went to eat cause boy we were starving and our flight was in 4 hours so we had time. After settling down I thought its time to do some browsing to catch up on news and email, silly me thinking I can do that in Frankfurt Airport. There is NO wireless! Never mind wireless, I had to hunt for a wall outlet as apparently there are only 2 in the whole goddam airport.

Finally it came time to go to our gate and what do you know, we have to go through security. So after learning hand signals from Germans, apparently they had to search my camera bag, which has nothing but a camera. Once that was sorted we went to our gate to board, only to find out that our flight was delayed for 3 hours, with no reason! It was stressful enough to reach Kuwait at 11:35 pm but now the prospect of someone picking me up at 2:35 am is slim. I wish it was at 2:35. To make this story short I left Kuwait International Airport with my bags around 4:15 am. I love how ever since I started this blog, I have been having a lot of travel issues lol.

Lessons Learned:

1) Never take Lufthansa

2) Avoid Germany

3) Germans hate everyone and are worse than the French.