Story: The series covers the actions of a small special police unit created by the governor of Hawai’i to investigate serious crimes on the islands. The team is headed by Steve McGarrett as it investigates crimes ranging from terrorism to kidnapping. McGarrett is assigned a partner, Detective Danny Williams, who has recently transferred from New Jersey. He fills out the team by selecting a friend from high school, Chin Ho Kelly, and Chin’s cousin, a rookie cop nicknamed Kono.

Review: I finished the show on the way to Kuwait so imagine 10 45-minute episodes back to back. I really enjoyed this show as recommended by many and it deserves its hype. When I heard they were remaking Hawaii Five-0, I was like no way it’s going to be as good as the original. I think its on par! Much like the A-Team movie, the remake satisfied devoted fans and attracted new ones. Elements like “Book’em Dano” and Dano using a walking stick is proof that the producers knew what they were doing when remaking this one. The actors are almost perfect for their roles and who would have thought Scott Caan was a Danno! I enjoyed every minute of this show and recommend it to you 100%.

[rating: 10/10]