A few days ago Michio Kaku, the co-founder of string field theory, appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show. Now you might think why would a physicist show up in Conan where most of his guests come from a comedic background usually. Anyway he mentioned how his life long journey was to solve Einstein’s unified field theory, an equation that summarize all physical law to allow him to “read the mind of god”. So apparently string theory solves that  theory and it promises to answer questions like time travel, parallel universes, gateway to other universes etc. I’m not that religious but why are Americans like this? Why do they love to get crap that just will never exist? Time travel? Why waste an intelligent mind to pursue a lost cause! I don’t know but even if time travel exists, it would be stupid. I mean the past is the past why relive it or change it. It happened deal with it! Anyway this thing just caught my eye and thought of sharing it with you. Watch the full interview below.