There was this big uproar in the states about the full body scanners in airports. So far I have been to 2 of the busiest airports in the US and I didn’t even see the scanners working. Those airports were Detroit and Atlanta (Phoenix not so busy). Phoenix only had 1 scanner per terminal while Atlanta had at least 8 per terminal. As for Detroit, I only saw a couple but were really far. In Atlanta, I saw the scanners being used once and seeing how I was in the lane with the scanner I assumed I would follow. Surprisingly, the TSA agent told me to go to the metal detector. I didn’t really care either or but I didn’t even get a pat down. Did TSA just gave in to protesting travelers threat ? I couldn’t find an article explaining any of this so if you know one, please share!

This was taken in Atlanta Airport and as you can see the TSA agent is just chilling on the other side.

This is the only lady I saw going into the scanner. Not the best pick it seems.