I just came back from my Thanksgiving break and let me just say I had fun. I think this was my favorite break in all my years in the US. As I stated on my to-do list, I chilled with old friends and relived old times. Aside from being the best break, it was also the most unpredictable. I started first by going to Atlanta last Tuesday, then I decided to leave to Detroit (numerous reasons). After landing in Detroit a friend picked me up and we headed to Bowling Green, OH (where he lived) and chilled there for the day. Then for Black Friday, we went to Troy, Michigan where there is a really big mall there, apparently thats where all of Michigan go to shop (no clue). We were about to head to Chicago but we called it a day. The last day I just headed to Toledo and chilled there till my flight. It was a chill weekend. Then, (you thought I was done ?) I headed back to Atlanta to also stay for a day till my flight back to Phoenix. I woke up early and started walking around taking photos and meeting with old friends. I think that was enough of Atlanta for a year only because it feels weird to go back where I used to study. I ate lunch at my favorite restaurant (TinDrum) to satisfy my long waited craving! Finally, I left for the airport to catch my flight to Phoenix. So as you can see here, the moral of this story is not what you do, its how you enjoy it. For those who went to Miami, I hope you had fun I know I did ;). Pictures to come soon.